About Me

I started my career in microscopy as a service technician for McBain Instruments, in Chatsworth, CA., September 1986. I worked on all brands of microscopes (Leitz, Wild, Reichert Jung, Bausch & Lomb, American Optical, Zeiss, Olympus, Nikon, etc.), but at that time, McBain Instruments was an Olympus dealer. McBain Instruments also manufactured an industrial microscope, called the Z Scope, designed for critical z axis measurements.

I received training from Olympus, which had an office in Los Angeles at that time, on their stereomicroscopes. I received further training from my manager, as well as some of the seasoned veteran technicians. I was tasked with handling the service of the microscopes at the Hughes Aircraft facilities in El Segundo, Torrance, Culver City CA., and occasionally south of the boarder, up until I was recruited by Carl Zeiss in 1993.

I worked as a service technician for Carl Zeiss covering the west coast, and Texas, where I received a multitude of training on the complete line of widefield Zeiss, and Aus Jena microscopes.

In 1997, I left the service department to go into sales. I moved to Kansas City, where I sold into Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, western Missouri, and western Iowa. I did that until my release in October 2011.

In 2011, I went to work at the Stowers Institute for Medical Research, in the Microscopy Center. I cleaned and repaired microscopes, as well as taught microscopy to researchers, and students. I worked there until April, 2014.

April 2014, I started working for Olympus America (Scientific Solutions Americas) as a sales representative for Missouri.

In March 2015, I made a decision to start my own microscope service and repair. Service has always been a passion of mine (anyone who knows me, knows that). Even as a sales representative for Zeiss and Olympus, I always repaired microscopes. I just wasn't able to do it as much as I had liked. In June of 2015, I went to Olympus in Center Valley, PA. for certification training, and then I became an Olympus authorized service company. In October of 2015, I went to Melville, NY for Nikon certification training, and then I became a Nikon authorized service company. In February 2016, I went to Thornwood, NY for Zeiss certification training, and then I became a Zeiss authorized service company.

I hope that I can show my passion for working with microscopes to you, and show you what I have learned over the past 30 years. Thank you for reading about me!